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Salt Lake city Hiring ADD / ADHD ^_^

Salt Lake city Hiring ADD / ADHD ^_^2011-02-01T08:51:20+00:00

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    Will be looking for that extra motivate, creative thinker,chatty person, reliable and hardworking employee. That likes to multi task, and have many different things going on. Likes answering phone, working with computers, fixing gaming consoles, helping customers and etc.

    If you like gaming and know to much or all about it, then this would be a great job for you, young or old. We will be looking to expand also, we would be interested in training and sending people out to these new locations. If this sounds great. Then call me. You must mention this ad and ask for me. Tell me your whatever and we go from there. If you are ADHD like me we should get along great.

    Dustin Knight



    10am to 6pm MST UTAH ONLY

    Hire date will be most likely around march to may (hopefully latest)

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