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    Hello ADHD tribe,
    I’m a female in my late 30s, and typically, I have only recently been blessed with the diagnosis of my ADHD. It has changed my life, my approach to life and I am genuinely thrilled to finally see my life clearly.
    My psychiatrist has provided me with a treatment plan, I am fortunate enough to see a ADHD coach a couple times a month, I train twice a week with a gym buddy and I have access to, and routinely take, my medication. This layered approach is assisting me to thrive as a woman living with ADHD. But even with all of this, my brain seems to short out at a particular time of the month…
    This is a strange one to ask in a virtual room full of strangers… But… do any of the ladies in this forum have any tried and tested strategies to manage their ADHD symptoms when they are a few days out from their period?
    I have read about the effects of progesterone on women and how it may nullify any noticeable effects of medication and magnify the less desirable symptoms of ADHD. What I’m finding maddeningly elusive is how to best manage when your progesterone flooded brain starts shorting out your neurotransmitters and acting all haywire, which makes 2 or so days of the month an absolute nightmare.
    If one of my ADHD sisters out there could suggest strategies to help manage these few days..gosh that would be amazing.
    Awaiting a response with a big bag of caramel M&Ms..
    Thank you ladies x

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)