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    I would like to find out about getting help for some of my family who live in the Vancouver area (BC). My sister particularly, who I think needs meds but there is no way she can afford them being a single mom stuggling day to day to make ends meet. I have a brother who has extreme anxiety with ADHD and desparately needs a new career as he’s a retired athlete. My other brother is fine for now. My mom really needs an active partner to enjoy life with. Not many can keep up to her, nevermind the rest of us! And I would really like to source out a business coach. (I live in the Okanagan.) Any direction is greatly appreciated!!


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    Contact the ADHD clinic in North/West Vancouver. This web site balks at URLs and links so I can’t put one here, but this is what I can add to help: www northshoreadhd dot com

    Mission Statement…To help people with ADHD and Addiction reach their full potential in life.


    ADHD and Addiction Clinic – We can assess patients by secure video-conference from wherever they are in the world. Our services include assessment, diagnosis, education, medication management, coaching, counselling, advocacy and support.

    Presentations – We are available to speak to professionals, employers, employees or the public.

    Consulting – We will educate managers, supervisors and HR department on the impact of ADHD and Addiction on your business. We offer medico-legal opinions for employers, employees, insurers and the courts.

    We are located within Continuum Medical Clinic

    # 201 – 520 17th St.

    West Vancouver, BC

    V7V 3S8

    To set up an appointment with – Dr. Anthony Ocana MD ABAM

    call 604-913-8183 ext 2235 and ask for Heather.

    fax (604-913-8804)

    To set up an appointment with – Lawrence Sheppard MA RCC:

    call 778-898-4634

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