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    I went to the doctors last year and told them I feel like I have adhd and how I feel. They sent me to cbt group sessions for anxiety but I quit as I felt they were only looking at my anxiety in general and not addressing the bigger issue of the adhd. I’ve tried coping with it as I did tell my partner and she didn’t seem interested in learning about it to help our relationship. Sometimes everything just feels too much and I can’t handle it very well, nearly every aspect of my life is being affected by it. I smoke cannabis daily to help my mind slow down and focus, which is great and has its perks, but sometimes feel this holds me back too.
    I kind of diagnosed myself with precordial catch syndrome as well, found a link online and researched it to find all the symptoms match up, the hospital found nothing when I went years ago so they dismissed it. This doesn’t help as it becomes more present at the worst times

    Any advice on what you think I should do next would be appreciated..


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    Hi there

    I’m not sure which country you’re in, that may make a difference but here in the UK I was misfiring at home and at work and began to wonder whether I was starting to get memory related problems, which at 50 years old was worrying.

    First I was given a blood test for Thyroid condition which can cause cognitive impairment if you have it. That came back negative.

    Then my doctor did a short set of cognitive tests and deduced that something wasn’t right.

    Next stage was referral to the Older Persons Memory Clinic where I had about 5 hours of cognitive tests run on me over two sittings. The results of those tests showed higher than average IQ, memory OK BUT attentional difficulties. My scores in the attention area were lower than the other scores. I was discharged from their care and have since been trying to get a referral for ADD / ADHD specific tests with a specialist.

    During this time my work situation became very difficult leading to occupational anxiety which made my cognitive impairment even worse. I self referred my self for CBT but like you, I found it of little to no relevance. I’m still on medication for the anxiety which seems to be an automatic easy ‘get out’ for doctors to just shrug and say “Well it’s anxiety then isn’t it” even though I have had all the traits since I was 6 years old on and off.

    All in all the process has been going on for two years and I have to say that reading ‘ADD Stole My Car Keys’ has taught me more and explained many traits that I have, in two days than I have so far learned from the medical community in two years. I heavily identify with most of whats contained on the books’ pages.

    I’d say eliminate all the physical causes, then start working towards getting assessed for ADD /ADHD by a specialist. Like me, you will probably have to keep pushing and pushing for this BUT if the diagnosis comes at least you know what you are dealing with and can, like me, start trying to offset the effects of ADD / ADHD.

    Good Luck and keep us posted on how your journey is going.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)