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sexual abuse prevention

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    Hi parents, I hate to bring up this topic but felt compelled due to meeting yet another Add’er who was molested as a child. I looked up the stats and see that 34 % females with ADHD have been molested before age 18 (compared to 14% of females w/o ADHD) For guys it’s 11% with ADHD (6% w/o) I think this is a significant issue that needs to be addressed but with utmost care not to scare a population of kids who are more vulnerable than average and tend to be people pleasers. I urge anyone who has experienced this as a child to seek counseling if you have not dealt with completely. I had a wonderful, qualified and compassionate counselor help me understand that what happened in the past was not my fault. What can we do in the future to prevent it from happening? Remove the shroud of secrecy and talk about it regularly with your children for a start. I think the slogan SAY NO, GO, AND TELL should be imbedded in their minds, for one. If anyone has some advice to contribute I would welcome it!

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