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    I found a great site about autigtic traits i been reading on.
    And my question is…

    Are autistic traits/tendensies thesame as suffering with asperger tendensies.

    Ive read that people with adhd/add can suffer with autistic traits
    If a person with add have autidtic traits it might be hard to say if itiis asperger or autistic
    Writing from a phone so couldnt paste the link but would be glad if someone could answer thiss so i get
    read about it. Greetings


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    It is my understanding that the “umbrella” of autism includes aspergers.  So while those with aspergers are considered to have a form of autism, there can be those with autism who do not have aspergers.  I don’t remember reading about any connection between ADHD and autism or aspergers, but believe that if you have ADHD that you are more likely than average to suffer from one or the other.


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    I was reading several articles about Aspergers and Autism. They have a lot of commonalities, which is why, I am sure, they are now considered on the same continuum . IMHO, ADD/ADHD is in the same continuum. Dr J. probably has way more info on that. After I sign off, I will look up some of the titles of the papers I have been reading on this. They are dry and very technical.

    PS.   Hello KC5JCK!


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    thanks for your answers 🙂

    sorry that i havent answer your questions earlier, been on holiday.

    I can write it this way:

    Person A have ADD and traits of aspergers

    Person B has ADD and autistic traits.

    Wouldnt theese two persons be much as the same?

    On the site i was reading on about autistic traits it says that many with add/adhd suffer with autistic traits and the symptoms are changing from person to person so you wouldnt suffer with all autistic traits just a few or more.

    here is the link:http://calgaryautism.com/characteristics.htm


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    Psychiatrists are now using the terminology “autism spectrum” and are, in fact, moving away from the term “Asperger Syndrome”.  As @Shutterbug55 noted, there is some thought that ADHD may be on far, far edge of autism spectrum, as there is some overlap of symptoms at times.

    My son has mild autism spectrum as well as ADHD and OCD and it’s quite common to have these diagnoses, which are really labels for symptoms. That said, not everyone with ADHD is autistic, although they may share certain traits in common with those on the autism spectrum.

    In my experience, there are huge differences in abilities and traits among people labeled autism spectrum, just as there are with people with ADHD.  Although it may somehow seem better to have Asperger’s, it really is difficult to see the distinctions when you look at autism spectrum as a whole.



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    My son is 4 and is being assessed for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Asperger’s is on that spectrum. I was diagnosed with ADD in grade 6. and just realized that for 20 years I have been suffering with untreated Adult ADD and it is impairing my life immensely. I realize now he is going through the wrong assessment. This is the age they assess for ASD so we will continue through. but I know now it is ADD. after he is done the ASD Assessment, I will get a diagnosis for ADD for him.

    To be honest that is how I realized what was wrong with me after all these years and why I am suffering so much right now. I stumbled upon it when I was researching ASD. I saw that ADD can be mistaken for ASD. Which led me to researching ADD>Adult ADD>and there it was.

    My son and I are not currently being treated and it is a scary mess. It takes us hours to get out of the house. Like right now I should be getting ready to go out..oiy!

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