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Should I double dose? 27mg

Should I double dose? 27mg2015-07-07T21:04:50+00:00

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    Today was the first day starting Concerta 27mg I took it at 8am but it’s now 2pm but I don’t feel anything, like I haven’t had any medication at all. I’ve never taken ADD medication before. Does this mean the dose is too low? I’m thinking of doubling it (so it would be 54mg)- any advice?


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    I would strongly suggest that you don’t. Not yet anyhow. Speak with your doctor first.

    The reason is that in order for Concerta to work, it needs to be titrated in your body. That means you need to take the drugs at each level for one or two weeks before bumping up to the next one. Otherwise, your body won’t react properly when you do take the proper dosage.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)