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Should I get a formal Eval, Adderal and Neuro feedback?

Should I get a formal Eval, Adderal and Neuro feedback?2010-02-23T23:23:51+00:00

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    Helo Dr. J. – I was recently diagnosed (self-diagnosed?) with ADD. I reviwed the online questionaires with my MD and he basically agreed I exhinbited many of the symptoms and he also knows my family history which includes ADD in the family.

    MD prescribed anmphetamine salts and basically said tha if I went through a full evaluation that that is the likely med I would be put on. I stayed on it for a month and it did help consdierably with my focus and inattention. I was taking about 10 mill in the morning and sometimes 5 mills in the afteon and sometimes nothing in the afternoon. One day I did not feel altogether right and took my B P at one of those supermarket B PO machines and it was 157/93 usually it is 110/76 – I went to my doctor and and in the office it was 128/ – which is still high for me, but he said it was o k. My questions are these:

    1) Is HBP a risk with Adderal for a healthy active 47 year old male with currently great B P

    2)Should I continue to take med and monitor my B P with a good home monitor a few times a day

    3) Should I get an evaluation for ADD – with (Phycotherapist or phycologist first

    4) I was considering doing neuro or bio feedback and try to eleivate with out meds

    Thanks so much in adbance for all the great work you are doing


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    I’m 63 with Adderall 20mg 1x a day. Very active, 0 BP issues 125/80. I run hard and bike hard. Adderall helps my focus and procrastination; neuro I tried a bit and the only effect was to lighten my wallet, a LOT. Try everything else 1st, and get an evaluation too. Good luck, jc


    Patte Rosebank
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    In the forum posting “Biofeedback/Neurofeedback”, Rick says that every expert they spoke to while making the documentary ADD & Loving It said that so far there’s no evidence that Biofeedback works for ADHD.

    I’d save my money and stick with more proven treatments.



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    a) HBP is a risk but if you don’t have any other cardiac risk factors, you do not have to worry but have your doc keep an eye on it.

    b) You should get an evaluation for ADHD as there are other things that can look like ADHD that aren’t even if you are getting a response from the meds

    c) Controlled studies have not shown that the changes that are seen on neurofeedback translate to altered performance and sham neurofeedback showed no difference over placebo.

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