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Smells Like Hostile HR

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    Will try to be concise here, ahem…

    Was diagnosed last October, am 53, woman, now been working in medical records 9 1/12 years, 6 1/2 previously, now almost 3. Basically, compelled to out myself – things were not going the best. Also had relationship break up in August, super stress, did not move out of house till December.

    Took FMLA mid-Feb to mid-March. Now HR is saying I have to have modified job description for the REST of my 12 weeks on FMLA – i.e. I HAVE to use it all at once. AND, i.e., I am using it DURING working hours, FOR paid working hours. Really?! I cannot find references to any such thing at the US Dept of Labor’s web site. I do not trust this HR dude.

    Now he has also said they are sending me for a second opinion. Oh Sh-t. I do NOT trust him.

    Also, the NP wrote on the FMLA forms, as to the question of whether or not there were essential functions of the job that I can NOT do – NO. Yet, last week, my first full week back, HR scheduled a meeting to go over my job description line by line so I could tell them what I can and cannot do. He then wrote up the FMLA-related modified job description for my NP to approve. What? So HR has medical expertise that supersedes my NP, so that he knows I cannot do all of my job, contrary to my NP’s expert opinion?

    I am terrified. Boss says whenever we meet with HR, I look angry and unwilling to listen. I said, nooo. Unwilling to listen? HR’s the dude who refused to answer why he scheduled that meeting, contrary to my NP’s prescriptive information on the FMLA forms. “For your benefit” was a moot point, given the meeting itself was contrary to the NP’s medical information.

    Help! Thank you SO much!

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