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Sorta just found out – but new to this forum!

Sorta just found out – but new to this forum!2010-12-17T06:07:01+00:00

The Forums Forums I Just Found Out! My Story Sorta just found out – but new to this forum!

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    I couldn’t find the traditional “introduce yourself”, so I am kinda hijacking this forum. I started counseling for myself and my marriage. Yup, ADD affects others, too! Who’d a thunk? I find that speaking it out loud – that I believe I was ADHD from birth, and talking with my counsler about the stories I recall — reveals that he also agrees that ADHD/ADD is present. I’m also treated for bipolar, with mostly quick intense highs, and prolonged deep depressions. Along with that an intense inability to concentrate – start or persist – and just a damn feeling of futility in so many aspects of my life… whew.

    In watching the show — I really really identified with all the examples, good– and bad. As with my bipolar tendancies, this time I didn’t feel empowered when relating and identifiying with the host. I felt hopeless — again futile. Not a good feeling, or attitude. JeezUS-H… hamburger. Distratctions — who me.

    In any case — that’s my pathetic intro and quick biography. I will be hearing from my consler and he is going to reccomend me to a psych that can medicate. I may not be able to medicate because of other health issues, so I am all ears to a non-medicate protocol. I’ve read about DHEA and nutrients helping, but not much out there! Any info is appreciated, or which blog to use???

    Nice to be here — mostly.

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