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    This was brought to my attention from another thread. I really have no interest in watching sports. Is this an ADD thing or what? Who else feels the same?

    My hubby is a sports fanatic. I just don’t get it at all. Why would you want to watch other people play sports. wouldn’t you rather play? He gets so excited and yells and cheers at the TV. He talks about the hype of being at a live game and how incredible it is. When I look at the fans in the stands and the crazy ways they act, their makeup and costumes. I can’t believe people get that hyped up over watching other people play a sport. Don’t they wish it was them playing on a team, doing what they love making millions of dollars. The athletes on those teams don’t act like that. They don’t drink themselves into oblivion, act crazy and wear costumes…I just don’t get it…it is all surreal to me.


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    I don’t know if it’s an ADD thing but I’m with you. I just don’t see the point. My husband is a die hard Leafs fan and every now and then I try to watch a game with him. I almost always fall asleep.

    When we first met I kind of got into for a bit, sitting and drinking a beer and cheering and all that. But after a couple of games I started knitting while I was watching. Then I started sitting at the computer playing games and only glancing at the screen occasionally. Then I just lost interest completely. It was kind like been there, done that, now what?

    I went to see the Blue Jays once and was bored out of my mind and glad when it was over. I’ve been to a couple of minor league hockey games and spent more time watching people, the lights on the scoreboard and whatever else I could find to watch and trying to think of something to do. Go to the washroom, go get some popcorn, go get a coffee…

    I feel embarrassed for the people with the makeup and the goofy costumes who are obviously so drunk they don’t know that they look like idiots. But I think the whole point is that they would rather be playing but they can’t so the next best thing is to watch the games and wish it was them.


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    I’m not sure ADD determines what we are or are not interested in, but I suspect it has a role to play in how relentlessly we pursue the things that grab our imaginations. Whether it’s watching team sports on TV, or playing video games, or posting stuff on FB, or gambling, or watching porn, or shopping, or… whatever, if it’s an activity an ADDer finds particularly stimulating, it can become an obsession.

    By the same token, if an activity, TV program(me), or conversation doesn’t grab our interest, our minds are often just not available; having to endure the uninteresting for more than a few minutes is like Chinese water torture.

    (N.B. When I use “our,” I realize I can’t speak for every ADDer. I write from first-hand experience with several members of my own family and circle of friends who have been diagnosed or who, years ago—before ADD was widely understood, clearly presented the symptoms.)

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