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SSRI''s: Do they understand how they work yet?

SSRI''s: Do they understand how they work yet?2012-09-09T18:13:21+00:00

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    I took Paxil for about 10 years, (with a short miserable, unsuccessful vacation to try St. John’s Wort) Later I switched to Prozac and Wellbutrin for another 12yrs. (about) I’ve stopped taking the prozac and it’s been about 8 or 9 months, started the ritalin at the same time. I’m real sure I’m better off for many reasons. I do have some anger about being given the wrong medication like so many late diagnoses ADHD folks. I’m getting over that. Writing about it in my own personal journal.

    Are there any scientists or psychiatrist/psychologists that truly understand how they work yet? Even more recently the research I have been able to find is still just “theory”. Serotonin still can’t be measured if I understand the stuff I have read. My experience is just this. The stuff kept me from feeling my feelings to the full degree that I would normally feel them. For severe depression that’s good. But now, I want to grow: grow up, grow in my ability to learn from how my experiences make me feel, what to do with my feelings, and just to talk about them and make sense at the same time. Like the anger about having ADHD (sometimes…). The frustration of being retarded!. And by “retarded” exactly what I mean is that I’ve been held back in many area’s of life. I don’t have down syndrome. Part of how I’ve been held back is the way my paranoid mom kept always made me “come home directly after school”, which kept me from learning social skills along with the rest of the kids my age.

    The path of forgiveness sometimes seems never ending. There’s a lot about this world to be pissed off about. That’s just being a human being in my opinion.

    I’m fortunate in that I’ve got my spirituality to help me not get overwhelmed by my feelings, all of them. I also know that there’s no substitute for time in dealing with all of this stuff. Growing up includes pain. “growing pains” Even learning social skills means taking risks and putting myself out of my comfort zone. Lately, getting out of my apt. at all has been like pulling teeth.


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    Hi Robbo. I think you are very courageous to share your journey. I too have an emotional existence for which an adult ADHD diagnosis doesn’t explain everything. There is no doubt from the study of all brain-based illnesses ADHD involves dopamine and seratonin shortages. We may be born with them or we may have life experiences with a negative effect on our brains. Most people I know have both. I know I do. The good news is making progress in one area of our healing leads to improvement in all areas. Once the grief and anger you feel over all the pain and lost time and opportunities I think you will find this for yourself. In the meantime find the best therapeutic and peer support you can. Try every support group and as many physicians and therapists as needed to get the best treatment team. Do your research carefully while remaining open to treatment suggestions. Don’t take any crap from any of them, but do remember to make them feel like being part of your team will be a joyful journey to recovery instead of a pain in the butt every appointment. Most of all, live inside your truth and insist your feelings and point of view be respected.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)