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    Here is what I am and have gone through in the life of hyperactivity.  This is what I was diagnosed as when I was a 4 year old back in the 60’s.

    There is a thread of starts and stops through my life. Very few things last for years.  It has happened in relationships, work, school and other aspects.  Two things that did last were a relationship with a Canadian woman for 15 years.  The other thing was being in the US Air Force Reserve in which I retired after 20 years.  Otherwise there have been a lot of short term things with no common thread to bind them. Makes me wonder whether I will start and finish things to completion.  It becomes frustrating.

    Over thirty years I have tried to get my bachelors degree.  Still am planning on get it done.  For years I had to raise my child and convinced myself that I didn’t think I would get it.  Lack of confidence perhaps? Still it is one of the many things I have kept from myself.  No vision or the ability to see this to completion.

    I have to make this ADHD thing work for me.  Still not sure if I can do what I need to do.

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