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    I’m near 60 and I’ve recently found out that my difficulties are now known as inattentive ADD. I am self diagnosed in the first instance by reading Daniel Amen’s book on ADD and his tests included in the book. I verified it with other online tests including the testing on this site. I then went to a psychiatrist for confirmation and prescription of medicine. I was given strattera 25 mg. for the first week and 50 mg. starting in the second.

    I am three weeks into the testing portion of determining the meds and dosage. Here are a few observations thus far.

    Positive mental results:

    1. My thoughts being like a squirrel on ritalin is gone. I am able to relax my need to control my thinking and participate in the conversation.

    2. My tolerance for frustration has increased. Used to be when I would hit a snag in a project, my first response was to go take a break to keep from getting too aggravated. I am able to work around the snag without the break.

    3. I am able to speed read with comprehension. I learned to speed read as a teen but lately I was unable to recently.

    4. I am able to make memory associations and remember them. An example; we were going to visit a friend and the night before I had noted that I would get a tool box out of the other vehicle before we left. As we were getting ready to leave I told my wife that I need to get the tool box and got it. Before this I would have put the tool box in the vehicle the night before since I was very likely to forget it the next morning.

    5. I am able to type much more quickly. This includes both copying and typing and composing and typing.

    6. I have access to much more of my “processing power” by that I mean that it is easier for me to work through projects and work around problems.

    7. I have a lighter but better sleep. I used to go to sleep and be dead to the world but would wake up feeling like I had been hit by a truck. Now, I wake enough to remember it when I turn over, adjust the covers, etc. The good part is that I feel better when I get up. My sleep is more restorative.

    8. This item and the next may be related. There was a negative background “something” that after it was gone I was able to realize that it was there. This is tough to relate but think of having an irritating tone constantly playing where you can hear it. It has been with you so long that it has become part of the background and no longer is noticed. Now imagine that going away. That is what it was like. I have tried to identify the “state” and the best I can do is describe it as “somewhat anxious.” In no way would anyone think of me as anxious. I would not have characterized myself that way either. It is as close as I can get to putting a label on it.

    9. My relationship to food has changed in a positive way and I have lost eight pounds without trying. I used to have arguments with myself when it came to snacking. “I want a doughnut,” “I don’t need a doughnut,” etc. Now I am able to simply decide to not have the snack. In my childhood our family was very poor and we were literally starving. The fear I felt back then is probably the source for the way I thought about food today.

    Physical side effects:

    1. Urine flow is reduced by about 25%. Not too bad, it just takes longer to go.

    2. I get a dry mouth when I am speaking in front of a group. Apparently a little case of nerves is enough to stop saliva flow. A tic tac is all it takes to fix this.

    3. The soft palate feels like it is dry when it is not.

    4. My adrenal response has been moderated to about 25% of what it was. When a car cuts me off in traffic, I no longer take 5 – 10 minutes to calm down. With only 25% of the adrenaline, I am able to just say “That guy drives like an idiot” without needing to “communicate” with the offending driver.

    5. My libido is reduced, my wife is complaining and so am I. I have been told to see if the negative side effects will pass with time.

    6. When I started taking the 50 mg dose of strattera in the morning it was REQUIRED that I take a nap about 2 hours later. It did not put me to sleep, it just made me very sleepy unless I was busy doing something mentally engaging. The doctor suggested I take the dose at night and get a good night’s sleep. I did that but felt sedated the next morning. I am now taking one 25 mg in the morning and one after supper. This method seems to be working OK.

    My apologies for the long post, but it takes a bit to get it said.


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    Thanks….. I took test as well as a comprehensive neuro and psyche exam in past………. ADHD that is me….. Thanks for the strattera info…. Cost is a big factor though…… but that has not completely rulled it out but I want to say honestly that it is a factor……..


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    Having said the above, it has been a year and now Stratterra no longer gives any positive effects.

    The physical is still there; urine flow restriction, hair follicle sensitivity, etc…

    The psychiatrist said I needed to be off of it for 6 weeks. That seems a to be unnecessarily long.

    Anyone have any pointers about what to do in this situation?

    Go from Stratterra to something else and back to Stratterra?


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    I am combined type ADHD, and also have Aspergers. I noticed slowness in urinating after I started 40mg of atomoxetine, but after a few days of taking it, I’m pretty much back to normal. I don’t notice any libido changes, but definately some sexual side effects (no details so I can keep the post PG).

    I find I’m less irritable, similar to what I felt on dexedrine, but without the overall mood dampening that I got with dexedrine. I’m going to stick with it for a couple weeks to see if the sexual side effects go away; if not I’ll stop taking it.

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