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    Is it possible to develope ADD after having a mild stroke (front left temporal region). Since then, I have not had the energy or inclination to do much of anything.


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    I am not a doctor, but do have an interest in brain function and structure as well as ADD. To answer your question, I would say no. ADHD involves more than would be affected by a simple stroke. However, I would say it is quite likely that you could, as a result of your stroke, develop “symptoms” which are like some of those exhibited by individuals with ADHD. A stroke involves damage, ADHD involves differences in structures and the way that the ADHD brain works in its healthy state.

    I suspect also that you may recover from any ill effects of your stroke over time with possibly the need for some type of therapy. People with ADHD don’t “recover.” You might find some of the coping strategies used by people with ADHD helpful in the mean time.

    If I were to have a stroke, I would try to asses what functions were affected and develop exercises, both mental and physical, to help regain function. I would also perhaps try to increase activities that increase heart rate to increase blood flow to the brain to help in healing.

    Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)