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struggling to collect thoughts

struggling to collect thoughts2010-04-20T16:06:23+00:00

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    i am sttruggling today to collect thoughts i am trying to write them down on my new computer i have a meeting and i am not worried about the meeting i am worried it will come out wrong so i am trying to gather my thougths to walk into the meeting and have it explained in a clear consciese way i am worried about this and then once again come out wrong i am happy with my computer but now i wonder about phone for later due to the fact i feel poor i need to explain to people and i feel frustation overwhelmed and fatigue from trying so hard at trying to gathr my thoughts this morning anyways i will let you go thankyou once again for listening


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    there was this article my friend posted on FB about why we “choke” when under a lot of pressure. i found it interesting.


    anyhoots, well it’s nice to see that you purchased a new computer. becoming organized takes time… like a previous poster had mentioned in another one of your posts. just take it a day at at time, a task at a time. hell, it’s still a work in progress for me and i’m learning new ways of making my simpler every day.

    (((hugs))) and good luck with everything.

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