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Supine, The fifth temperament

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    Has anyone heard of the supine temperament? I wondered if it had a connection or is common with ADHD. I’m sure it affects anyone with any temperament.  Just trying to figure this all out. I haven’t been tested for ADHD yet but while researching for the problems I have always delt with, ADHD was spot on. I couldn’t believe how it described my life To a T. I thought that was just for hyperactive little boys. I was always layed back and easy going. It’s like having a mental blind spot, you can see everything except the giant box next to you that you’ve been looking for, and God help me if somebody asks me to hand them that green thing, I’ll see everything except the green thing, then they will have to come over and grab it and give me one of those, what’s wrong with you looks. The tools I reach for that I just used have disappeared and I waist ten minutes looking for them. I hear everything except the middle part and can’t remember any of it unless I write it down and the crazy mistakes I’ve made and wonder, why does it always have to happen to me. I know I scored high for supine when tested by a counselor. On the online ADHD and executive functioning disorder tests I scored high, but after researching and reading your stories which I usually see myself as the main character. I want to get tested by a professional.  New here. Thanks for letting me post.

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