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Telling my ADD teen that I'm ADD Too: Tips?

Telling my ADD teen that I'm ADD Too: Tips?2017-10-21T15:10:44+00:00

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    My daughter was diagnosed at age 12, after a tough childhood. All the standard ADD stuff: socially ostracized (despite being so sweet and desperately wanting friends), academic challenges, sleep issues…you all know the drill.  She’s 19 now, has her treatment in a good place, and is doing fairly well in college.

    Learning about ADD through her journey, I realized I must have it too (a common story, so I hear).  Many of the problems she had, I had as a child.  It finally all made sense. But I put off my own diagnosis until recently.

    Now that I have been diagnosed and am having success with my treatment, I want to share with her.  BUT how will she react? I don’t think she will blame me for the faulty genes…but I think she may feel this is “her” issue, and she may not like that it’s mine, too. We have a good relationship, but children (esp teens and young adults) often like to feel distinct from their parents….  Any advice? Do I tell her? Do I tell her, but quickly and not in-depth? Is it okay to share what I have learned? Any tips appreciated.


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    I would be honest with her.  Together the two of you will be stronger and maybe even be able to help each other out.


    That Guy With ADHD

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