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    I shouldn’t really post here, as I am not a relative or friend to someone who has ADHD/ADD. I have ADHD myself.

    But because I have ADHD myself, and am 50 years old, and because I have never received any treatment nor support from people in my life (I was an orphan and grew up primarily in institutions), and because I can testify to the fact that it is very destructing to a person to not have any support … because of these things I just wanted to tell you all, that:

    You are so very much appreciated! Even if you may not think so at times, I can tell you that you’re very important to the people with ADHD that you know and (hopefully) love.

    Once again: Thank you for your support! :-)


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    On behalf of the entire community, you’re welcome! Tell us more about what you’ve been through. It sounds like quite a story.

    It’s so important to have support. And it’s so rewarding to be able to provide support.


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    I really didn’t know where to post this, so here it goes.

    My son-in-law was diagnosed with ADD as a child and then a psychologist told him in his teens that he didn’t have it anymore. Over seven years of my daughter’s marriage to her husband, we have been seeing behavior that strongly resembles ADD. It is putting a strain on their marriage and my daughter is beginning to see he has ADD. She asked me how can I get him to accept this and get help? I honestly don’t know what to tell her without appearing to be the interfering father-in-law. I love my son-in-law and want to help. What can I do, if anything, to help them?


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    maybe they should watch the ADD and loving it video?

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    The ADD and loving it video is a good suggestion. However, I think that perhaps your daughter might want to somehow introduce the topic. You want him to try to be open minded. I would lead in with all the positive traits we have!

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