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The ADHD imagination. Friend or foe?

The ADHD imagination. Friend or foe?2013-02-09T02:31:47+00:00

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    I’ve been thinking up some new names to call me here, how’s MrSarcastic?, I sound sarcastic a lot of the time. Even when I don’t mean to be. It’s even worse now that we’re all becoming reduced to only being able to communicate via text messages. (not here, in my home [real] life) I hesitate before sending texts a lot lately. It ain’t fun you guys!. A few weeks ago I was getting extremely angry about the fact that most of my friends only send texts. I’m selfish, I’m not sure how obvious it is to you guys. Well maybe it’s not. But trust me, most of my thinking is all about ME!, and it can get really negative too. Yep, sad but true. I even slow down each time I roll down the hallway in my apt., because the bathroom mirror is visible from the hallway. I see me and I slow down a lil bit. I guess that’s good actually, huh? A dude like me really needs to slow down. I’ve got little hand made bumpersticker sized wall notes that say “slow down” in several crazy and creative ways plastered around my home. 
    I guess my ADHD hasn’t completely destroyed my self esteem, I’m full of brown stuff too (okay, that was sarcastic, the complicated kind-). I like how I look, some days… How I think, well that’s a total pain in the neck. Most days. About all the dang days I’ve been alive. 
    It’s my imagination that has slowly destroyed how I feel about myself. Not my looks. I’m pretty sure that my imagination will survive for ever. It’s huge!!!. My imagination is the deepest, darkest, and possibly the most powerful part of my mind. It tells me how much I irritate people, it tells me that “everyone hates me” it just plain lies to me several times a minute!!! it’s absolutely incorrigible. 
    It’s sometimes down right evil. (not really but…) I just need to work hard on keeping it positive. 
    It also helps me come up with many new and interesting ways to cope with having such an adventurous spirit, and on a good day I can use my imagination to help me keep my mind open, honest, and willing to keep on pushing my face back into that grindstone called forgiveness. I have to keep on bringing my brain back to forgiveness because I naturally tend to be angry, lonely, and afraid. Yep, it’s true. I’m nowhere close to being as happy as I tend to imply. Kinda though. 
    I do have some really good days though. 
    My imagination thinks nobody around here likes me. The healthiest part of me knows that’s bull. His imagination doesn’t get all that much encouragement though. He tries. 
    He won’t ever give up either. 
    He’s only about 8, or maybe 12 years old, I bet that’s true for lot’s of us ADDers. We’re real little on the inside. It’s just our outsides that look so old, wrinkled, and war torn… 
    It’s becoming much less of an excuse to say “it’s my ADHD that makes me so childish” but it’s the kind of thing I still do once in a while. It’s better than no excuse!. 
    PS I hope they fix the edit feature here pretty soon. It’s a bit stressful waiting a while before I post my writing. But it’s better than wishing I could fix stupid little typo’s that I missed the first 8 or 10 times I edit what I write to share here. Guess I’ll be waiting a bit longer for the miracle that is patience to bestow it’s great and mystical powers on me and my cranial apparatus.

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