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The Medicalization of a Problem?

The Medicalization of a Problem?2011-06-12T14:41:55+00:00

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    Today is Sunday, 12 June. This morning, on the American political chat show “This Week,” (ABC) the first topic was the political fallout over lewd photos disseminated by fiery New York Congressman Anthony Weiner. Congressman Weiner—who was considering a run for mayor of New York City— has announced he is taking time off to seek “treatment for a problem.” The first question posed by the host/presenter, Christiane Amanpour, was to the professorial conservative pundit George Will, a regular member of her roundtable. She asked Dr. Will if he thought Congressman Weiner would have to resign his seat in the House of Representatives as a consequence of the scandal. His answer has implications for everybody with ADD/ADHD.

    In his response, he said (and I have to paraphrase): “What we are looking at is another example of the ‘medicalization of a problem.'” He went on to opine that every time somebody faces an ethical problem, s/he refuses to take personal responsibility for it. Instead, Will said, these people claim they have an illness and check into some medical facility for treatment. That way, they hope to deflect some of the criticism and retain their right to protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    THIS is what we’re up against. While Congressman Weiner hasn’t been diagnosed with anything (that I know of) but extremely poor judgment, influential voices are now taking to the airwaves to mock “medical excuses” for bad behavior and to reclaim personal responsibility. Not only do many apparently reject the notion of neurologically disordered behavior (short of things like schizophrenia), but some are tired of hearing about it. And they’re certainly tired of it being used as an excuse. With ADD/ADHD getting so much more press these days, and so many people on medications, might there be a backlash coming?

    If you’re pondering whether to tell your boss you have ADHD, or you’re looking for understanding and support from somebody who doesn’t have the disorder (including perhaps your family doctor), you might want to take note.

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