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The passion schedule

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    So I am a the new kid on the block , and since my diagnosis of ADHD
    late last week , I have been thing to incorporate a simplified
    schedule that works for me .

    In my schedule is working mainly on my passion
    which is to become a classical guitarist/composer .
    I love playing classical guitar and have made good successes
    but one of the things that I constantly have trouble with
    is getting through the mundane tasks that come with
    the learning .

    I have to spend a lot of time with repetition on pieces , exercises
    and learn new skills. I love the music I am playing , but playing
    the same section over and over and playing the same exercises over and
    over starts to become mundane and boring .

    Don’t get me wrong this is my passion and I have worked
    hard to make it where I am today in my music education but
    getting around these mundane tasks is difficult .

    Also playing classical guitar requires sitting , and I can maybe
    sit for 1 hour at most which is great , but for someone like me that has a
    hard time refocusing because I got up because I couldidnt sit still
    any longer , I don’t like when that happens because I want to play 6
    hours a day .

    3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon with a few 10
    minut breaks in between .

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