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The perils and pitfalls of hyperfocusing

The perils and pitfalls of hyperfocusing2010-12-13T22:22:25+00:00

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    I find it MUCH harder these days to get back to hyper-focusing when I’m interrupted. Example: I’m self-employed,like a lot of ADD-ers, an artist/designer type, again,no surprise. I had an amazing week last week,designing and creating wonderful new things for a show I’m in the middle of…and, I had great expectations of making boatloads of money this weekend,cuz the show was building each weekend,and my new things were absolutely gorgeous! So, there I was, happily hyperfocusing along,until Friday afternoon, when I had to stop what I was doing,a full 2 1/2 hours before I thought I had to, to drive what I had done to a friend to get to the show the next morning…the plan then was to return home and finish the other new things and be at the fair by mid-afternoon saturday….well, that never happened…By the time I drove the hour there and back,I was frustrated by having to rush and stop before I thought I had to,my friend/employee was upset because she felt I was an hour late,then I felt guilty because she felt bad (and no,she didn’t berate me, she was very adult about it,and so was I ) then I felt depressed because I have no life due to all the procrastination/hyperfocusing,add to that the anxiety caused by the adrenaline of rushing to meet her, and,well,I just couldn’t get back to it when I got home! So, I went to bed early,got up early, though not as early as I should have,sewed all day, hyperfocused all night (literally, ALL night) then could NOT drag myself to the car after two hours of sleep to bring the new things to the fair. As a result, had an AWESOME Saturday and a lackluster Sunday. Shot myself in the foot AGAIN!

    Luckily, I found the program related to this site on PBS while I was waiting for my employees to call me with the Sunday totals! Perhaps I can learn OTHER tools besides hyperfocusing, get myself an actual LIFE, accomplish more, thrash about emotionally LESS!

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