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Theanine – Effictive for me

Theanine – Effictive for me2010-03-25T02:24:07+00:00

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    Sorta tired but I want to share this.

    Just going to jump into the explanation

    I am:

    New to my diagnosis.

    ADD(inattentive type)

    Sleep disorder(take Zopiclone)

    Stress issues

    Depression(went off Cipralex recently)



    I don’t know much about my brain chemistry but I do know my own inner self(have spent considerable time in formal meditation practice)

    L-Theanine works.(for me)

    Focusing, for me is like lifting a great weight; I can do it for a moment but sustained effort is difficult. This Theanine seems to make me a mental focus champ!

    I do not know if it is because it relaxes me or if it does something else.

    Maybe someone here could add some insight.

    Thanks all,


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