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Told dr. 20 mg. every 4 hours she said not ok

Told dr. 20 mg. every 4 hours she said not ok2012-06-02T09:41:39+00:00

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    I was diagnosed (officially) at age 25 (17 years ago). Went to Psychiatrist for treatment. Was prescribed Ritalin, started in low doses and as time went on the dose increased as needed. Went to him for 9 years. Then I moved out of state and was without insurance for awhile so decided to live life w/o.

    Cut to now: current dr. My general practitioner has been prescribing Ritalin ( ins. Won’t cover a.d.d. Meds cuz I am to old) 20 Mgs. 2x a day for awhile. I am finally on a set sched. At work & work 10-12 hours a day. I found later in my day I was having trouble focusing so I started taking 1 more dose, it helped. I take the generic methylphe To help w/$ as it is all out of pocket.

    I take: 1 tab. 1 hour b4 I leave for work when I take my vitamins, 1 tab. @ lunch which is 4 hours from when I took 1st. Tab, I noticed 4-5 hours later focus was lost so I started adding another.

    I went to dr. & told her how I was taking med. & why, and she told me that this was not how they are designed to be dosed and upped my script. Slightly so I am allowed extra 1/2 a tab on work days and only 20 of them, I have to save from my days off if I need more.

    1. Am I crazy? Is the medication not supposed to be used to help an individual stay focused and is it effective for longer than 4or 5 hours for anyone who is on it? I am overweight too, I assume that would affect dosing a bit.

    2. Should I spend more $ for Ritalin instead of generic?

    3. Should I find a psychiatrist instead of using this dr?

    I appreciate any thoughts. Thanks fr reading, hope it makes sense.

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