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Tolerance to Concerta

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    Dear All,
    New to the club. 39 yo. Just diagnosed. I am a medic…Concerta is a real breakthrough. I’m on 18 mg and… I can focus/ write/and be productive at last!!!!
    I really want the effect to last. Have had too many bad years and very slow career progression despite hard work. What is your advice on preventing tolerance???? Are there any supplements that can help? Please share your knowledge. Many thanks


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    i have found L-tyrosine to be absolutely essential to be able to continue taking concerta.
    i found it through dr.daniel amen’s 7 types of ADD / ADHD and decided to give it a try.
    i don’t believe it would help everybody but for me it has really helped with headaches when the concerta is wearing off as well as just generally making me feel much more focused than concerta alone.
    it is meant help your brain produce more dopamine, which is essential if you want concerta to be able to help you long term.

    of course this is all just my subjective opinion but whether it helps mentally or not really doesn’t matter…
    i would take it JUST for the almost complete elimination of the headaches i was having when concerta was wearing off.
    there will still be days where i just plain forget about the L-tyrosine and then i will be wondering, “what is with the headache???”
    of course, go figure, i’m distracted by other stuff and then i realize… i didn’t take it and it all makes sense.

    it’s a bit annoying because it’s supposed to be taken between meals on a mostly empty stomach and i always seems to remember right before or right after i eat and then have to try to remember again later (but not too much later!).

    i’m about the same age and fairly recently diagnosed as well (about 1 year ago).

    best of luck on your journey from here.


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    Hi Soulmantra.
    Many thanks. I will definitely try L-tyrosine!
    Do you take Concerta everyday?
    Have you tried L -theanine (green tea extract)
    Today I have tried L-Theanine, 250 mg, as wanted to make 1 day break from Concerta.
    Initially I thought it was not working, and at ~10.00 I took another dose. After a while I noticed my focus improved and the effect contiuned until the rest of the day. Let me know whether you have got any experience with that supplement.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)