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Unique exercise Question , your opinions?

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    I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place but this is my first post. I am currently prescribed Vyvanse 70mg and I had a question on whether or not it is a good idea to work out on it. The internet has so many mixed answers.

    My situation is that I am considered overweight and when on amphetamines , my resting heart rate is in the upper 90’s. I don’t want to strain my heart or do anything stupid. The doctor says it is okay but it makes it a little hard to believe when you read all the stories online.


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    Hi guardian1993, if you put meds aside for a moment, the best approach to starting exercise is a small but regular programme. Try not to think ‘work out’! Instead just think – I am going to move more. If you walk five miles a week more than you currently do, then that’s brilliant. You will feel better and will have started to get healthy.

    This way you can monitor yourself AND your meds in a gentle and positive way. If you can manage this, and all is well you build a bit more into your programme eg: 5 miles a week and a swimming session.

    Try and only think about one week at a time if you can! I have a very very long list of things that I intended to do, but because the goals were too big, funnily enough I didn’t achieve any of them! I am learning to think in steps rather than all or nothing.

    … cooking a three course meal for friends – bored by the recipe hunt, forget it…join a gym, pay a lot of money for a years membership, go twice, bored…write a children’s novel, to me awesome ideas and plans which make for a heady format, bored by chapter two……… oh dear…

    Small steps – this is the future!



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    i’M OLDER NOW (OOoops) Some call it “The Last Act” , before what, you know all that and it’s not important. I retired early because of chronic spine pain after neck surgery and while I was sitting around getting fat or driving to a doctor (I could do that) I knew where every bakery was where I would stop and get a snack, no matter what direction I was going. About this time, around 2005 , not critical, but the village I live in was fortunate to get a 50 acre parcel when the Air National Guard downsized and they created a great park. Being the professional I was, I offered to start a walking program for my fellow seniors, but never heard back. That is until a couple of years later. By then I weighed about 230 lbs & my 5’8″ height was shrinking. I was then scared sh..less to start, but I did. I started the walking & it helped especially the Vitamin C (connection {fron Ned Hallowell MD} liked that.) Walking led to slowly walking more & eating less. Found a flyer from an attractive personal trainor & started 3 times a week for 30 min & then Tai Chi & core strengthening. Lots of good follows, so it all started with tiny steps. I celebrated with my non-ADHD/ADD twin sister that at 73 I had cured my Osteoporosis [from Bone -4 to WHO Standards of Normal] & also catch the ball with my grandson.It really works if you work it and I still have plenty of daily ADD difficulties, but now I think I will live longer, drive more carefully, etc.

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