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Uniqueness of the Journey

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    In keeping with my New Commitment (yes, ANOTHER one, but one I’m DETERMINED to keep!) I’d like to share a few insights from my personal journey. I hope that what I have to share may be helpful in calming your heart and mind while giving you peace and confidence about this very personal experience.

    1. REMIND YOURSELF regularly that each INDIVIDUAL is UNIQUE. While we are blessed to have one another to share this journey,

    please remember that we MUST NOT COMPARE ourselves to anyone else in terms of ‘SHOULD’. Each LIFE is also UNIQUE, influenced

    by different factors that combine to present our PERSONAL CHALLENGES.

    While we belong to the same “Family”, no two experiences are exactly the same.

    Just as I deal with one daughter in a way unique to her personality and needs it’s necessary for me to interact with my youngest

    daughter in a very different way. UNIQUE TEMPERAMENTS, STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES make for a unique EXPERIENCE.

    2. While WE as a COMMUNITY are attempting to JOURNEY to the SAME “COUNTRY”, our DESTINATIONS WITHIN that

    country may be VARIED.

    As unique as each of us, so will our FINAL DESTINATION often be. We can travel a good portion of this journey together but there

    may come a time when a particular TRAVELING COMPANION may say “good-bye” as they take a new direction.

    This doesn’t mean the relationship had ended, it just means that our journey with that particular person has changed.

    3.. GET TO KNOW YOURSELF by being as SELF-AWARE as possible. Take note (literally if necessary) when you have a new insight

    into yourself and the way you “work”.

    4. TRUST YOU PERSONAL INSTINCT about whether a particular method is the right one for you. I had a Life Coach many years ago

    who encouraged me (in so many words) not to try to force myself to be something that I’m not.

    There are many things that I would love to have the talent for, but…you can’t force a square into a round hole.

    5. RECOGNIZE, EMBRACE and REMIND YOURSELF of your STRENGTHS while working to overcome your weaknesses.

    6. ACCEPT the FACT that YOU and ONLY YOU can make the changes necessary to CREATE the life you long to have.

    And as I end, please allow me to remind all of us that this can be a lengthy journey. The road is often a winding one on which we meet success, delays and sometimes major roadblocks.

    But I sincerely believe that as a whole, we are a community of people who have so much to offer our world during out life time. With the gifts and talents that I’m convinced we have, our ONLY FAILURE is to ABANDON the JOURNEY.

    My belief is that I owe it to MYSELF, my loved ones and my world to give my best shot at living up to my God-given potential.

    If you have taken the time to read my words then you have some desire to “find your way” and are taking steps to help yourself. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and NEVER GIVE UP!

    As my dear Dad always reminded us, “Can’t never could do nothing!” You CAN do it!!!

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