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    My doctor put me on vyvanse about a year ago. I started at 30 mg and then it was increased to 40 mg. I had to be taken off it because I was losing weight drastically which wasn’t good. I’ve asked to be put on a non stimulant but he refuses because I like to drink when occasionally. So now I’ve been up f meds fpr almost 4 months and I’m back to where I was before I started the vyvanse! I can’t focus, I’m hyper all the time, disorganized, late fpr everything and always losing stuff. Any suggestions or tips on how to make my life more manageable?


    That Guy with ADHD
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    Hi eashline93,

    I wish that I could tell you that I have an answer to your problem. I’m sorry to hear that the Vyvance had some bad side effects for you. I haven’t found a medication that works for me at all (with or without side effects). I can say, however, that there are some things that have helped me. Excersize for one has been a big help. One that I really benefit from is my regular weekly badminton group. Not only is there an excersize component but the social component is also beneficial. I also work part time as a sales associate at a store that sells building products. I get lots of excersize and socialization there too. Another way to get help is by modifying your diet. There are things that help like eating a high protien breakfast, reducing sugar and carbohydrates, adding supliments (there are many articles on ADHD and diet which mention things like Omega 3 fatty acids and others). Eating more white meat and fish is also said to have benefits but you should check out a reputable source before taking action (please don’t rely solely on my word here).

    Other than diet and excersize I can say that CBT has helped me. Where I live the provincial health authority has group sessions that are basically free (I had to pay $5 for the manual that accompanied the course). It isn’t specifically for people with ADHD but it does work on issues that often accompany ADHD like a low self esteem, depression, anger, etc. The course I took also covered meditation which is said to help but I haven’t managed to use it personally because I can’t clear my head and focus on only one thing.

    Others may chime in with thoughts and ideas of their own. There are some nice people on this forum. They are not always around but they can relate to us ADHDers better than anyone. There are some other forum posts regarding non-medicinal treatment options. 😀

    Best regards

    AKA That Guy with ADHD

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