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Update on Vyvanse

Update on Vyvanse2014-06-26T12:56:09+00:00

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    So today is day # 11 on 20 mg of Vyvanse and after a week of stressing that it isn’t working, I was able to see a mental health professional. I was originally scheduled for August but luckily they had an opening… Meds are going to be adjusted to 30 mg for a month, and then I’ll have another evaluation.. I’ve got to say that I feel 100% better having a therapist that specializes in adult ADD/ADHD!! Not that I don’t trust my family doctor, but let’s face it, we wouldn’t hire a cop to defend us in court, even though they’re also a law official lol… My therapist is a really pretty (30 something) woman and she’s just wonderful to talk to… Even as I bounce from one subject to another lol.. Really looking forward to the job hunt now that I’m back in treatment (also found a good group) and am relearning how to cope with my ADD symptoms!!! Much love all!!! Feel free to friend me, always looking for some good folks to talk to about my experiences, and treatment(s)!!!

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