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Use to take Dexedrine…

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    When i was a kid my mother put me on many different types of add pills, the best one was Dexedrine. Worked great, but I really didn’t understand how well it really did work for me. I stop taking it around 18, and said I don’t need those anymore. 25 + jobs later and now a successful owner of a company I wonder very much so if I needed those pills, I think it would help me greatly after learning everything on this site. But where do I go to get them?

    By the way I answer yes to all those questions lol, everything applied I was laughing the whole way through that virtual doctor especially at the end, trying to answer the question before the Yes pop up LOL. The doctors told my mom and me I was a rare cause of serve ADHD.

    Dustin Knight

    Check out what ADD did for me apparently, I’m still stocked.

    I made my own company.


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