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    Shadow Nexus
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    We have issues talked about over many forums. A lot i’m sure we all like to see videos about. So, I made this for new videos ideas for the website. Contribute any ideas here…

    I’m working on watching all the videos on the website(getting there). I like to see videos on dealing with low self esteem(poor self image). Dating issues like non-verbal blindness(see my topic). Getting on disability and issues after. Dealing with depression and anxiety(thoughts of suicide), depression anxiety cycling(feeling better, knowing it’s a cycle and thoughts will pass).

    Finding employers willing to hire you, being yourself at the interview. ADHD specific interview problems: not be able to sit still in the chair, not be able to be “packaged”: so your not a borg drone, too much energy at the interview, scratching/touching your face during the interview. All those things you can’t change about having ADHD. Unconventional jobs for ADHD people.

    (You’ll love my comedy act about job interviewing: shows how silly, moronic, and illogical it is to dismiss interviewees based on these.)


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    Educational issues, especially for older kids/adults, from high school to university who have multiple teachers and classes. What concessions could be made. What works and what doesn’t. How do people with ADHD feel about those concessions – were they useful or not, did they feel segregated because of them, could anything be done better. Also what sort of trouble have people had with medications and education; dealing with teachers who don’t believe in ADHD; what have people done themselves (as opposed to the concessions the school makes) that has really helped them in the school environment?


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    I would like to see some videos about letting go of the What if’s and what could have beens. I am tired of “not living up to my potential” and would like a video about coming to terms with what is.

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