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Vyvanse 140mg daily

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    I found out that my wifes physc precsribes her to take 140 mg of vyvanse a day.  Is this considered high ?


    She also takes viibryyd, percocet 10/325 twice daily, uses a 25mg fentynal patch every 24hrs, and 2 mg of klonipin


    also nuvigil, and metaxalone , lipoderm patch , flexor patch

    is all this normal??? It seems excessive , she claims her dcotors all now what she is taking,  and it all comes from just 2 docs.  She is a alcholic in recovery, attempted to take her life about 12 years ago.  She also was in a recovery center about 15 years ago.

    she sleeps a large part of the afternoon , and usually foes to bed around 8 pm ….

    should i be concerned ?






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    Hello bry27 – to be honest I doubt anyone on the forum is really qualified to answer your question unless we have any doctors or pharmacists lurking amongst us?

    I can see why you are concerned. The cocktail of drugs your wife takes does seem quite mixed.  They seem to be a mix of drugs related to depression but there are some pain killers in there too. I presume she must have some medical condition that necessitates having pain relief?

    The Vyvanse does seem high – according to the web the max. dose is 70 mg but I am sure I have read posts here where people have been prescribed higher doses than that. Maybe she has a high dose to counteract any drowsiness that the antidepression drugs might induce?

    I really can’t answer your question – I just wanted to respond so you know that your post has been read and to keep it near the top in case someone who knows more sees it.

    My gut feeling is that the mix is a lot – and the one suggestion I’d make is maybe you could have a chat with a pharmacist (a different one from the one she uses perhaps) and get advice about whether the drugs are OK to be taken together and that mixing them isn’t making her sleepy.

    She does seem to sleep excessively, but whether that is because she has depression or some other illness, or whether it’s because of the mix of drugs I wouldn’t know. Klonopin is a sedative used for seizures and panic attacks?

    Given your wife’s medical history it is possible that the meds are all keeping her levelled and there’s no need to worry. But if you are concerned, then the starting point would be to make sure that a pharmacist lets you know the contraindications of the drugs – i.e. are they OK if mixed? They are prescription drugs so her doctors should be aware.

    It would potentially be dangerous to suggest she stops taking them if they are needed.

    I understand your concerns and hopefully a pharmacist will be able to give you peace of mind.


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    Scattybird is correct that we don’t have the expertise to give you an official answer to your question. The best thing to do might be to go and talk to your pharmacist. They have more specialized knowledge of medications and will be able to check for any interactions or dosages that are too high. Even though the doctors know what she is taking, it’s still possible that they have mixed something they shouldn’t. It happened to my mother once when 3 doctors prescribed 3 different meds with the same side effects. Any one of them by itself would be good, but the 3 together triggered a reaction.

    The maximum dosage recommended by the FDA for Vyvanse is 70 mg, but I know many people do take more than that, and I personally know someone who takes 120 mg.  So 140 is probably okay. As long as you don’t mean that he is starting her at that, because that would be bad.

    It does depend a lot on the person. Like Scatty said, your wife’s medical history may have a lot to do with the choices the doctors have made. And she may the type of person who has a very high tolerance and needs a higher dose to get the effect of the medication. Anyway, just ask your pharmacist and see what they have to say. And keep an eye on her, watch for any signs she may be having a bad reaction.  It may be helpful for her to keep a journal too. It’s sometimes hard to remember how we feel from one day to the next or notice when things change.

    Come back any time if you have more questions or comments.


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    Great thoughtful responses to bry27’s question.

    Wishing you and your wife the best bry27.


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