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vyvanse Not effective anymore

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    I started taking vyvanse for ADD (impulsiveness and having a lot of trouble focusing) 5 years ago at the age of 10, for the first 2 years it worked great, it made it harder to sleep and I didn’t eat much but it made it a lot easier to focus which allowed me to get good grades and actually almost made me enjoy school, but I found over time these good effects wore off the year after these 2 good years I couldn’t focus as well as before , and same with the year after that, less focus than the last and my doses of medication would be increased as the effect wore off, 30mg at first, 3 years later 50 , and  a few months ago I went to 60, at this point I find the vyvanse wears off since it’s a slow release taken in the morning, and after it wears off I feel irritable,depressed, and anxious, in addition to this crash it also isn’t that effective anymore in increasing focus (as its effect has slowly faded over the years) it still is a lot better that when I don’t take it, as if I don’t take it I can’t even maintain focus for a minute or 2, but still it doesn’t have much effect during the day and the crash is horrible, I find I also feel irritable, depresses, and anxious before the full crash during the day sometimes but not too often, I am looking into switching meds to something that’s shorter acting, I would like some sudgestions on what I should consider for a different medication


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    @ns2016 – I keep trying to post a response but it’s not sticking! Short version – you are really great at articulating about how your meds are working. Keep that up, jot notes if it helps to talk to doctor, and be persistent. I can’t recommend anything in particular, but also keep in mind other things also effect meds and symptoms (hormones – yay!, food – orange juice can cause meds to be used up faster, balanced meals with enough protein and not too much carbs/sugar can help, exercise is a proven ADD treatment – anything that gets your hearty pumping).
    Good luck!!


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    I have been having the same problem.  I started taking Vyvanse probably 7 years ago.  The positive affects slowly started to deteriorate about two years ago.  Now they are only slightly better than not taking it at all.  Having six children, three diagnosed with ADHD, and one with bi-polar, I haven’t gathered up the courage to switch to something else.   Having watched my oldest struggle through med change after med change for two years, I have way to much responsibility to risk it.   I do think that hormones may have something to do with the change.  You going through chemical and hormone changes at your age can be similar to what I am going through at 47.  It is very frustrating!  I am not a stupid individual, however my memory can be so horrible.  People at work have to think I am on illegal drugs!  One minute I can enter and proof information and the next I can’t.  The worst is when I think that I have done  great job, only to find that it was the worst I had ever produced!!!  My doctor has tried to a couple of low dose medications that are suppose to have similar effects as the vyvanse. However, I don’t see a change in my memory or other problem areas with either one of them.  Are there any new medications out there?  Sometimes I think I am just not qualified to be my kids mom.  I work so hard, I barely sleep, and I still can’t keep on top of everything.  So I end up putting out constant fires.  When I get a chance to sit down and get organized, the amount of issues is just so defeating.  I fill a 500 page book with copies of all of the organization ideas, charts, behavior charts, chore charts, homework charts, and calendars.  I have killed so many trees from purchasing sticky notes and notepads.  I could fill multiple books with all of the projects I have started, day dreamed about starting, purchased the materials and never finished, wonder creative ideas that will forever by stuck in my brain.

    I think part of the problem is that when I would get this over whelmed when I was younger (pre parenthood) I would cut loose and act irresponsible.  I no longer can responsibly  choose those actions.  (not altogether a bad thing).  The problem is that all of my “relaxers” are things that I can’t justify taking the time out for.  Not with out going hyper focused and dropping all of the systems that I am managing to hold together.  AHHHHH!  It is very frustrating and lonely.

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