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Vyvanse: side effects question

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    to start: I will be seeing my doctor soon, it’s just that she is not in office for a while.

    so I’ve been taking Vyanse for almost a week now and last night, at 10:30pm after taking 1 melatonin (7mg @ 9:30) I got a few hives. not very many, only on one leg, not anywhere else on my body.

    I’ve read that this can happen, but it seems so mild, and everything I read online is saying that this is a severe side effect.

    so my question, did anybody have a mild allergic reaction on Vyvanse that went away? the info online makes it seem so bad but I don’t feel bad at all. really I just want to know if there is a possibility it will go away, or does that mean that’s it – I’m done – no Vyvanse, I’m allergic. because otherwise it’s working nicely so I’d be frustrated if I had to switch again (I was on Biphentin for 4 weeks before this)

    could it be a reaction with melatonin? I talked to a pharmacist and he didn’t seem concerned.

    I couldn’t find any info online about mild reactions/if it goes away in time. It’s just so strange that it happened AS the Vyvanse was wearing off? which the pharmacist agreed, seemed strange.

    and my dose is lower than the normal starting dosage! 20mg

    I’ll be so gutted if I have to stop because I’ve just been diagnosed and I’ve never had such relief and ease in my life than on Vyvanse. Biphentin made me quite depressed but if I had to go back on it, it would suffice. just not as nice as Vyvanse.

    thanks in advance.



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    Hi kkarasu,
    I have also been problems Vyanse , I am not allergic to it but i am having problems with back pain and high levels of calcium in my blood and reduced kidney function.
    Anybody else having issues.



    Patte Rosebank
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    @Clive, please talk to your pharmacist about this, and don’t delay!  Often, pharmacists know more about medications than doctors do.

    The back pain could be related to the kidney issues (since your kidneys are located back there), and you definitely don’t want to mess around with your kidneys.

    @Kkarasu, did you have the rash checked by your doctor? It may or may not be due to the Vyvanse.


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    The same thing Larynxa said. And get to your doctor ASAP. Kidney problems are not something to take lightly.


    The reason that hives are considered to be a serious side effect is that they are an indication of an allergic reaction. However, in this case it is hard to tell if it is being caused by the Vyvanse. It may not even actually be hives. Could be just a rash caused by something that irritated your skin.

    Since it has been a few days since you posted you have probably got it sorted out by now. But my answer would be if the hives start to spread or if you start having any other signs of an allergic reaction to get to your doctor or an urgent care clinic right away.

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