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Vyvanse .. What were they thinking!!!

Vyvanse .. What were they thinking!!!2013-07-06T01:56:07+00:00

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    I have been diagnosed since 2008 with ADHD.  I was 37 then, 4 kids, 2 in college, a Mom certainly struggling!  I was on Adderall XR for 2 years, decided to go med free for a couple of years (I literally felt exhausted and one morning I just couldn’t do another day of it) ….. Wouldn’t ya know it though, life happened!  Back on meds, this time though, Vyvanse….

    I am the poster child for every bad side effect known for this medication.  I absolutely hate it.

    Even on the patient assistance program due to job loss, FREE still isn’t covering all of the issues.

    Headaches from hell are just the start, 2 months later and worse than ever…  can’t read my iphone anymore… see things for a brief second that aren’t there… some kind of vocal sighing thing I can’t control.. Itching every night and telling myself I’m losing my mind…. Really!!?? (I could actually list about 20 more things, it’s crazy!)

    I have ADHD!!  ….  but this makes me sound like a whack job!

    Beware of Vyvanse!



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    Vyvanse is my drug of choice. Works the best for me. Gives me both focus and clear mind. Cant imagine life without it! Ive been on Ritalin, Dexedrine, Adderall… Its different for everyone *shrugs* No side effects other than insomnia to start, and dry mouth.


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    @greatestislove40, Feel for you.Been there, not so much on Vyvanse but on Focalin (Yuk!) You don’t have to continue taking it if it’s really bugging you out. You can always lower your dose or titrate off the meds slowly. See what your Doc/Prescriber says. If a med isn’t working for me and I’ve given it a fair shake then I’ll kick it to the curb.




    Patte Rosebank
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    @greatestislove40,  I can really understand your strong feelings about how bad the side-effects are for you, because I’ve had side-effects with previous meds.  Just be careful of dismissing a particular med as something that everyone should beware of.

    Meds for mental issues are never one-size-fits-all.  What works for one person may be completely wrong for another.  The only way to find out is through medically-supervised trial-and-error.  But if the patient has seen horror stories about a particular med, they might refuse to even try it…even though that med might turn out to be the right one for them.

    It really sounds as if Vyvanse is NOT the right med for you.  Do talk to your doctor about this, ASAP.  You deserve to feel better!

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