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Wanted: a good planner app for my smart phone.

Wanted: a good planner app for my smart phone.2015-10-11T23:35:56+00:00

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    Does anyone have recommendations for a good planner app for my smart phone? I am trying to transfer everything to my phone, but find I still need my paper calendar for some functions. The phone calendar doesn’t do what I need:
    1)To see the whole month, as well as each day. EG, I am ask myself, “When is my next appointment with Dr So ‘n So?” On the iPhone calendar, I have to look at each day separately and these appointments are months apart. My paper calendar allows me to look at a month at a time, so I can look through months quickly to find Dr So ‘n So on there.
    2) To keep a longer “to do” list and a “chunked” one for each day or week. (Chunked = smaller list of just a few tasks)
    3) I know there was a #3, but can’t remember it.

    I did a search for different planner apps about a month ago, and of course wrote them all down on a scrap of paper that I promptly lost! It took hours, so if I can get some ideas from you all, that would be awesome!


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    Hi Sukey.

    This is what works for me – I tried to aply “getting things done” by David Allen into my own little world. My solution. I need apps that are cloud-synchronised, so that I can use my phone, Ipad, DesktopComputer and have it all synchronised. I don´t wann be restricted to one softwareplatform alone.

    In the End this is it.

    Any normal Calender with gmail-account. Work with my phone, iPad, Computer
    Wunderlist on all my devices, active and on auto-synch.

    Benefit: I punch in any Idea, Appointment, ToDo item then and there and regularly take time to plan and revise. So I have it all: I can take notes where ever I am and can revise, organize and try to make sense of the bigger picture at my desk on the big screen. It synchs back to all the other gizmos, so I learned to trust them.
    Best of all. They are all free.


    (me: German – so jeah, there are a lot of typos and my english sounds funny)


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    I’ve been looking for just the right planner too. No luck yet, although The HW App, which I downloaded for going back to college, has proved the most useful so far. It’s for homework, but I find it useful for planning in other areas too. It has an area to lump all due tasks together and a graph that shows how busy I’ll be for the coming week.

    A tip I’ll share on how I find things in google calendar is the search function. I often get anxious that I’ll forget doctor’s appointments or that I have forgotten to schedule something I intended to, but using the search feature helps me quickly find out what I want to know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)