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What happens if it isn't ADD and you take Concerta?

What happens if it isn't ADD and you take Concerta?2012-05-16T16:56:32+00:00

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    Please redirect me if there is a topic somewhere on the forum like this one. I was diagnosed with ADD at 40 years old; I have suspected it for a long time. I started Concerta and only made it one week at 18 mg and one week at 36 mg. I was WIRED and DRIVEN. I felt like I had to go go go and was GROUCHY. I am waiting for the long DSMIV (may have spelled it wrong) IF I don’t have ADD would it explain my reaction to Concerta. I expected peace and clear thoughts and productivity and I got the exact opposite. I also had lots of anxiety. Wait list is very long to see psychologist for rest of formal assessments. I can’t get back into psychiatrist as she is swamped. I ditched the Concerta and don’t know what to do. Really disappointed because my life is chaotic and would love some more focus.


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    If it will be a while until you can try another medication if it really is ADD, then I would try the holistic approach found in the videos on this site, like getting more sleep, exercising, and cutting out sugars/processed foods. Getting the right amount of sleep makes all the difference. Even things like hormone imbalances can cause adhd-like symptoms.

    I would also cut back on things in your life that might be causing the chaos and see if things change.

    Hope this helps and good luck!




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    Often a person who is put on a specific stimulant and is diagnosed with ADHD may not respond well to that specific medication.

    If that is the case then a psych will try another type of stimulant. Each person responds differently to medication

    Also some people experience side effects like yours and take a while to adjust to the medication. The psych may also increase the dose or use another drug in combination to manage your negative symptoms.(grouchy, wired)

    The bottom line is your psych needs to assess you. If you call the psych office and tell them what is happening they will provide a solution. You need to communicate to the psych office or have your family doctor assist in communicating with the psych.

    You are too early in your diagnosis to stop now.


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    It could just be that this particular med isn’t working for you.

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