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    Keeping in mind I live where technology is not so common, doctors still take chickens and canned peaches as pay, and… well, it’s not THAT bad, but finding a state-of-the-art, trained with current knowledge, top of their class “doctor” around here is, well, I’ll win the lottery first.

    What sort of a doctor should I seek out for a CORRECT and PROPER diagnosis and treatment?

    Of AD/HD I’m sure, mother and son have it. Son has some REAL problems. I have problems I now recognize, and I max out on the ADD tests I take, the test on this site i get a perfect score clear across.

    Now I need to find a professional who can work with me on a plan and treatment.

    Family doctor? DO? MD? Other?

    What sort of doctor do you use, and how did you find ’em?

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    I found my doctor……..30-ish years ago by asking within the medical profession. If you think they have no clue now!!! wow then it was voodoo. It was really a short questionaire I took in a doctors office, much like the one at this site. That’s all. I had done a little reading and was actually doing some research on behalf of one of our kids who was struggling in school. They/we thought he may be dislexic (spelling doesn’t count)….I stumbled on the ADD thing. So mine was initially self diagnosis as your appears to be, and found someone who could confirm or refute.

    I know when I first read the description I had no doubt, that that was my world!! Confirmation was all I needed, can’t get a script with out it!! I also ended up regulating my own dosage, trial and error. I know how I feel inside.

    Just so you know…. I read your other thread on symptoms getting better or worse with age. I no longer take any meds at all. None!! i am 60 happy and life is good.

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    I spoke with a gal at work who has an ADD child – and has been through multiple doctors. She was able to say “don’t go here, this one is ok, that one is really good, this one is horrible” etc. So that might help………….

    I have heard that SOME people can start on meds to help get things settled, then use other methods (because they are more open to them and can concentrate on them perhaps?) to learn and help regulate their lives, then some can wean off the meds.

    I’m open to any means. IF I need meds, ok, I’ll do it. If I need meds to start with, then can learn how to deal with things with no meds, that’s fine, whatever. And it would appear – some never need meds, some do “forever”.

    I’m open to whatever, and learning more. No, take that back, I’m EAGER to learn more.

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    billd……..I used Ritalin will good success. The dose for me was trial and error until it felt right and I knew it!!!!!. It did not take long few weeks a month for me to level it out to were it worked for me. They will give you a starting does somewhere in the ball park,don’t worry about that. I used to get Ritalin headaches from time to time….side affect. I don’t use anything anymore, sometimes one med doesn’t work as well as another,so patience is required there too.

    I don’t like to give advice but that is where I started. Doctors GPs anyway are not highly skilled at this billd….not may in the medical profession are. I encourage you to read read read….educate yourself take control of your needs understand what so called ADD is. If and when you find a professional to help you (if you still need it) you will be able to provide them with all sorts of great background on yourself wehich will help them tremendously. Even the good ones are only as good as your input. This is not like setting a broken leg, or putting in stiches….it is soft and vague, and like nailing smoke to the wall. Take it on bill and good luck!

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    where can I get a knowledgable doctor in orange california area

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    look for not a doctor but a reputable psychiatrist…and research them as much as you would research your car…sadly in america we research vehicles more than we research the ppl we have for our health/delivering our babies/and taking care of our children…it took me a while bc one i dont have ins that covers psych and i went to mds regular ones who dont know about ADD/ADHD and they just stuck me on antidepresaants even though i wasnt depressed saying it would help but it didnt…it just made me feel like yuck and still unorganized and bad grades and not able to function even worse…..t

    hen i finally interviewed and reviewed/researched many psychs and found one who is reputable been in field many years and is the BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME…he diagnosed me and did my inerviews and everything he cost me alot but it is well worth it bc he is always available and understands me to a T. he even has grand kids with the issue and is very VERY intelligent and up to date on the matter. RESEARCH AND LOOK FOR PSYCHIATRIST that specializes in it or is specifically in the ADHD bc otherwise u will end up like me getting misdiagnosed and medicated for everythiong else but the right thing…i started looking for help at 17 and even talked to my pediatrician about issues as a teen but no one listened and when at 19 being put on antidepressants and not working but stayiong on it bc they said to….

    it didnt work and finally after 50 lbs later even while working out i quit them and felt better…still disorganized and flighty …blonde moments..social butterfly…..etc back to me but the adderall im still ME and yet also being able to focus and live…

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    Was formaly diagnosed over the summer/fall by a specialist at a behavoural center, and referred to a neurpo-psych for a more complete assessment and diagnosis. Combined sub-type, very much ADHD (maxed out on the tests, the n-psyc said there was no doubt, as did the other person. )

    I was told “it’s for life” and seems like drugs aren’t doing all that much good. They are going to keep trying, but I could tell last visit, not a whole lot of hope on the drugs. My body keeps “adapting”.

    I’m not giving up – I keep trying everything, tools, helps, books, videos, drugs, all of it. Bottom line from it was more like I’d need to work on changing the environment and conditions around me to cope.

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