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When I first got diagnosed…

When I first got diagnosed…2009-11-30T22:26:13+00:00

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    When I first got diagnosed, I gotta say, I knew I could probably qualify as ADHD. I mean, my son had it. And my dad had a lot of the symptoms. Poor guy was an insurance agent! Nothing but paperwork, what agony for him!

    Anyway, I figured I probably would qualify, but I was doing pretty well in so many areas of life, I mean I have a pretty good career going. But when I learned more, and read about the way it can impair, I could see that there was a whole lot of stuff, (failures and things I hated or didn’t do well at or screwed up again and again) that I had just figured were character flaws, weaknesses, or whatever. And in a way, they were. But what I started to realize was some of this wasn’t a choice. But I had a choice to actually start handing off the stuff I was lousy at, and actually work with others as a team. I couldn’t imagine there were people out there who wanted to be the accountant, but of course there are!


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    This must be a new website. I heard the link in a presentation video online. I know (from personal experience) that a lifelong struggle and constant failures makes diagnosis even harder (painfully) to accept when you are middle aged or older. I think of the 41 years of failures and rejections and the fact that all those years are gone and all the opportunities for the schools, parents, teachers, to have had the opportunities to change my life course but failed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)