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    Hi, I got told I have ADHD about two weeks.

    This post is helped today by Grammarly and AC/DC( lots of headbanging breaks)

    Now I thought this would bring some clarity to my brian (how stupid I have ADHD). So this causes me to be very confused and very frightened (also got told I probably won’t be able to take meds due to a heart condition I will pursue). Some of the things my brain did to stop me freely thinking have tumbled, allowing me to appreciate things in a cleary way. Realized I need clocks and timer and a whiteboard to start helping me to plan as WELL planning this never happened ( seat of my pants this always felt the best way.

    SO I planning to start the new year writing about my journey (my Journey into my Butterfly mind) about how I allow my brain to explore think I love and enjoy I was a chef for 20 plus years food to help me cope with an interesting recipe. Different artistic endeavors Photography and generally how I cope

    After rambling on sort of excited to know why everything can be kind of hard hopefully find a way to live a interesting life,

    Thanks for letting me ramble


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