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Where's this "Online screening Test", Please ?

Where's this "Online screening Test", Please ?2013-03-17T03:20:25+00:00

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    I read in another Topic that someone took an online screening Test here, and I am wondering where this screening test is located so I can take it ?
    I haven’t located anyone local that knows much about ADD/ADHD even tho my Dr has “heard” of it… so she now knows what I’ve learned via Rick’s video and the fact that after my dad died we discovered that he had an Rx of Ritalin in his dresser drawer and that was back in 1981. So he as an adult was even taking Ritalin back then… so that kinda of game me a clue when I was reading and hearing from others that it can run in families and a 40% chance that a parent had it if a child has it. I am seeing a LOT of myself in the 2 videos I have seen so far and what’s even funnier to me is being a creative person in my 6th decade I have actually already learned to use MANY of the “Creative Tips” that are in the videos.. so that made me feel like if they are suggesting for me to do the things I have already had to come up with so I could be functional, than maybe I DO have this ? I would love to take the test.. My Dr after I spoke to her did go ahead and Rx me some Ritalin but when I 1st took it I didin’t feel like I liked how it made me feel, so I have waited and educated myself and dealt with a few more medical issues in the meantime, and I started taking the Rx again last week and this time I’m not having any ill side  effects and I accomplished more this last week than I have in the last 3 months.. So now I REALLY want to take this test even if just to report the result to my Dr.. for discussion.
    Thanks in advance if someone can point me to the correct location for it.
    If it’s not available any longer, I was wondering if they sell the one that they showed during “ADD and Loving it ?” that Patrick took ?
    I’ll appreciate any and all replies..
    Thx♥ and Much Gratitude for Everything so Far..


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    Hi NightShade – the on-line test can be found at:


    From the main TotallyADD page – the one with the menu bar on the left – look down the menu items until you see ‘TOOLS’ – click on that and then you’ll see ‘VIRTUAL DOCTOR’. Click on that and the video ought to load. You’ll need adobe acrobat thingy what’s it.

    Also, if you look below the ‘virtual doctor’ button you’ll see one called ‘DOWNLOADS’. If you click on that, you’ll find a bunch of downloadable questionnaires that might be useful for you and your doctor.

    Thanks for your post – I am so used to just going straight to the forum or to connect that I forget to rummage through the rest of the site and there’s some really useful stuff on here.

    Good luck.


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    Thanks MUCHLY @Scattybird 😀
    Guess that will be part of my Sunday homdework along with Finally apptemptig to so some Meditation and see what I can do “since “Walking Meditation” is out the question for me currently..and that’s the one that fits me..
    I actually need to sleep-in a  bit more after the HUGE Output of the last 10 days before I dive into another work week, so will celebrate the Wearing of the Green while I do the test later today….
    *Cheers* and in gratitude…… ♥

    Do you know if the Dowloads are in pdf format ?
    After being edridden for the last 6 years all of the ink in my printers has dried up and I need to get a WiFi printer so I can print something from my laptop in bed now.. Thank Goodness for all of this technology now or I would have gone even crazier than “the Normals” think I already am ~ LOL


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    NightShade –  the downloads are PDFs but the video is not downloadable so has to be done as you watch it.  Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate.

    I quite like the kind of meditation that is just the awareness type. So you can sit or lie or stand or whatever and just be aware of what is around you. So at the moment I can hear a small plane flying past so I could listen to it and note the depth of its sound, how the sound fades away as it flies past and then the silence once it has gone. But I would focus on it, acknowledge how the sound made me feel, listen to the different tones the sound was made of….etc.  For me it’s about being more aware. It also means when I focus on something like that, for once I am thinking about one thing. It’s easier than trying to clear my mind.

    I know what you mean about having a sleep-in. Sometimes I just plod on until I drop and then need some serious rest time. Probably better to just pace myself but that old procrastination thing gets in the way and then pacing myself goes out of the window. Ho hum….


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    OK, @Scattybird, I’l try again……
    I wrote a whole long reply to you and then the forum “wiped it out” so I
    needed to EXHALE and wait until  a few hours had passed so I could try again.
    I like your suggestions of attitude towards Meditation.. Thanks
    Might help me be more successful and Gentel with myself and ease into it…

    I’m still trying to discover what things re MEW vs what things are ADD.
    Most of the time thngs thsat delay me are due to some chroic illnesses I have that cause me to sleep 18hrs a day for months..then it shifts to a 12 hr sleep cycle, that is Totally UpsideDown day/night-wise… then Eventually when it’s ready, it
    Finally  does the Big Flip so I’m awake during the day and sleeping at night..
    As long as I can stay Calm and “Pace myself” and NOT get Stressed and ONLY get Vertical and venture out “one day a week” for NO longer than 6 hours…
    I can get outside these 4 white wall.. but last Dec 1st I OverDid and have
    been going thru this P.E.M. Crash (as we call it) until about 3 weeks ago…
    So it’s like Full Bore “catch-up” from that, rather than Procratination… “currently.” But Have NO Fear… when  even OK, I DO have a Procrastinaom issue on other topics.. That I KNOW I will eed to learn how to use these techniques with.. Just trying to decipher me from the ADD first 😀

    Question: When I do this online screening test… Do I answer the questions
    AS IF I have noit learned any copig skills and just answer from a place a raw emotions ad tughts, OR do I answer it including the coping skills I’ve discovered over the decades ? This is my last question Before I do the test…
    Just need how to approach it.. I read about how many people did so differently on the test… so it made me think maybe it had to do with their aproach also ?
    Thoughts/Suggestions ? Anything appreciated. Thx♥

    Have had a rough week, due to other outside issues, Plus had a good thing…
    a Helper came to Help me Friday and Suday Finally get some yardwork done such as raking up Fall leaves to start with.. and take some trash+ reCycyleable things out.. Helps to clean up the inside of the house also.. So made some progress, ut my physical body will hurt and pay for it the next 2-3 days.. and
    I took my last Ibuprophen yesterday *Sigh* Pain causes me to sleep also…
    Maybe I can “uncover some” in a safe place  I put some.. You know those “logical places ” LOL > wish me luck 😀

    Hope you had a Great week…
    Beautiful Spring here flowers blooming and everything…
    *in Garatitude* 😀

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