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who can i get to prescribe meds?

who can i get to prescribe meds?2012-02-12T06:05:23+00:00

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    my family doctor is cool but. she will give me anything i ask for. i want to go back on meds with someone who understands the different ones out there. which she doesn’t. i have not bothered taking mine for years and i think i need to start again.when/ if i find a doctor who prescribes ritalin ect, will i have to bring my 80 year old psychological assessments saying i have ADD? and will they except it?


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    I can’t tell you what to do, nor can I even pretend to know enough about this whole ADD thing to be qualified to give advice. I do know what path I took and it worked for me.

    I talked with my General Practitioner.

    I told her that I think I might have ADD and I would like to find out for sure.

    She asked me a few questions and from my answers to the screening questions, we scheduled me for testing with a Psychologist.

    After 8 hours of testing, during separate 1 hour appointments, the Psychologist figured out that I not only had ADD, but which dimensions of it as well.

    We scheduled some time with a psychiatrist. (the one who can prescribe drugs)

    Why that route?


    Different treatments for different symptoms. At each step along the way, they eliminated the psychological problems from the ADD issues.

    Now they are treating the ADD with a combination of drugs and what seems to me to be occupational therapy.

    I am somewhat disappointed that the drugs don’t work like they did for Bart Simpson. I still take them, and I still go to therapy, because what I have now is FAR better than what I was going through before.


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    Cherry B……ADD isn’t something you grow out of like shoes…..or puberty………your original assessment should be fine.


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