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Who is the expert in diagnosis?

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    I’ve looked at a number of other posts so I know that my question has been asked. but here goes ….

    I live in Nova Scotia and have a question regarding ADD assessment. I have a bright 23 year old son who was told in elementary school by the school board psychologist that he would be more focused and engaged in high school. This didn’t happen and he has been in constant low level trouble with the law over marijuana possession and poor driving for several years. Very disorganized. I’d like him to have an ADD assessment.

    But where to start? Family doctors are notoriously quick to diagnose and my thought is that doctors or clinicians trained specifically in recognition of ADD should do a thorough assessment. Where do you find these people? What credentials should I ask for? Would appreciate any comments on this. Anything relating to Nova Scotia would be most useful. Thanks ….


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    I’m not so sure that Family Doctors are notoriously quick to diagnose as people seem to believe, but anyways….

    For starters, I would suggest having a look at CADDRA’s website especially the diagnosis and treatment guidelines for Physicians.


    Armed with that, I’d start with your family Doctor. If your Doctor doesn’t seem interested in following the process outlined in the Practice Guidelines, then ask for a referral to a Psychiatrist. This can be tricky, I know. The first Psychiatrist I saw a pompous jerk. (Who puts a textbook that they co-authored out on their desk right in front of the patient’s chair? It was all about him being the authority who should not be questioned.) But I got the nerve up to go back and ask for a second referral, and this Doctor’s a lot better.

    Alternately, you can go the Psychologist route. I don’t know about in Nova Scotia, but in Ontario a Psychologist isn’t covered by government health insurance. In any case, if you go to a Psychologist for a diagnosis, they cannot prescribe medications.

    Clinical Social Workers can also apparently give a diagnosis. I’m not sure how one gets in contact with those.

    The Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia might be able to point you in the right direction: http://www.ldans.ca/


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    Here you go:


    Scroll down to check off psychoeducational assessment before you call up the list.


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    this is fabulous – thank you!

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