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who knew?

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    I was diagnosed when I was 9 and was on meds for 7 years before my mom took me off them for fear of possible side effects. I got used to not taking them and lived for another 7 years without. I lived in a dream world where I thought I had it under control for a while and then eventually didn’t even think about it. About a year ago I had a lot on my plate and was fairly stressed. I started having panic attacks. And it was really over nothing. Small things like forgetting my glasses or not handing paperwork in on time. That drove me crazy. I always forgot about my paperwork at work and then would feel horrible when my boss was angry with me about it. Anyways they started getting worse and I talked to my Dr who gave me a referral for mental health. They did an assessment And about 10 mins in out of the blue the Dr was like. Have you ever been diagnosed with ADHD? I forgot to tell them I had it, guess it was kind of noticeable. So I was reassessed and re diagnosed for it and the Dr asked if I wanted to take medication for it. I was hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure how it would change me. Plus I was on an SSRI already. Who wants to take more than one pill a day right? So I mulled it over and agreed to try It out for a month. What kind of dream world was I living in where I thought I had it under control. The panic attacks stopped entirely and my mood improved immensely. Enough where I was taken off the SSRI. i also don’t feel burned out half way through the day anymore or find myself nodding off as much. Needless to say Im so glad I went back on the meds. They also said I should find forums to learn more or just relate with others who are like me. So here I an

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