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Why does Adderall make me feel worse?

Why does Adderall make me feel worse?2012-12-05T06:31:33+00:00

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    I take Vyvanse 60 mil daily; which works great for 5 hours or so. I have an ‘as needed’ script of Adderall ir 10mil to take in the afternoon after the Vyvanse winds down. Question for everyone….Every time that I take adderall it works for about an hour , sometimes less and then I feel like a complete zombie – sluggish, tired and slow cognitively. Why is this? The couple times that I tried Adderall ir and xr, with and without Vyvanse, I felt really slow a couple hours later. Has anyone else felt this way? Is it a dose issue, or is it me? Why does Vyvanse work, but Adderall doesn’t?

    Too bad there in no generic for Vyvanse :-(


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    Adderall could just not mesh with you… all medications work differently with different people – it just depends on the specific person’s makeup. Vyvanse works great for me, but Adderall doesn’t FWIW.


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    I’ve noticed that if I take the whole 10 mil of adderall I just want to sleep. I call it comatose land. I’ve found that 5 mil. is a better dose for me. I’m alert and focused and not wanting to go right to sleep.

    I read in Dr Halowell’s book driven to distraction some people only need a small amount to do the job.

    My sister however does not like adderall and it did not work for her like it has me. Everyone responds different.


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    Adderall, was tailor made for my brain. 5mg twice a day, 6 hours apart, and I am good to go. I would be despondent if they ever took it off the market.

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