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Working from home as a programmer with ADD

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    I’ve been diagnosed with ADD since grade 4. I’m now 26. I was diagnosed again and switched from Ritalin to Concerta back in University where I did my undergrad in Computer Science. I find that since starting work as a programmer/developer type for a small US based company who has an office here in Canada I’ve been having a very hard time. The ‘real’ world is quite different then what I got used to with school and the structure and help I found there.

    The 3 remaining employees(one of them me) working out of our Canadian office have been working from home since around mid of November. I’ve been working on a project to update and enhance a program that we use that’s about 10 years old now. There’s a lot of challenges with the current setup for work as there’s not really any documentation and there’s not really much support from others as there’s only one other who would have any understanding of the code at all. I don’t really enjoy working from home and I feel like it can’t be a normal situation to be working like this. I spend way too much time on the computer and online and I feel like I’m just never getting enough done for work or for myself and I feel like there’s never enough time.

    I’ve now gotten myself into a situation where the anxiety is making things even harder. I’m looking into seeing if I can switch from Concerta to something else or to a higher dose to see if that’ll help more and will be seeing my doc soon.

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