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Worried about my Adderall XR Dosage-Stopped

Worried about my Adderall XR Dosage-Stopped2012-01-02T04:27:41+00:00

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    I am a 45yr mom of 2. My son was diagnosed and takes 18mg Concerta.

    I tried a round of Concerta for a month. The Dr. started me on 18mg (1pill) for a week, 2 pills the next week, etc. 4th week I took 4. I over spent $500+ at a X-mas sample sale, had a crying fit at work because my boss got impatient with explaining something to me. I felt like everyone was against me, PTSD-like symptoms. Then I missed my follow-up appointment. I haven’t missed a doctors appointment in 10yrs! I felt bold and a little over confident on Concerta. I’m usually always worrying.

    So, I finally see him and state that I really need to talk about what’s happened sobbing and balling my eyes out and he interrupts and says, “so would you like to try Adderall?” I explain that I really need to talk and he said my insurance only pays him to write prescriptions. So I take the RX and pay my late fee.

    It’s for Adderall XR 15mgs. Same regiment, 1 for a week 2 the next, 3 then 4. I’ve been taking Sertraline 100mg for anxiety and depression since September 2011 before I got the ADHD diagnosis in November. He says I should also start taking 200mg because the ADHD meds are accelerating the anxiety. I get 4 days into it and I’m feeling real annoyed and bitchy 0-60mph anger etc. I can’t even imagine going to week 2 taking 2 Adderal so I STOP. I continue with the 200mg Sertraline. We spent X-mas at my brothers out of town. Who is in denial about his ADHD married to a psych RN that is in even worse denial. BTW he just got fired before X-mas…She was really angry when I told her about my Psychiatrist and said the medication is not right. They said I was clearly not myself and very defensive and agitated. She said my Sertraline dose is too high. She has seen many patients with the same Dr. problems and they tried to off themselves.

    BTW, I forgot to mention that the Dr’s office called after I picked up my RX and said he gave me the wrong # of pills. 30 instead of 70 and was mailing the new RX. I didn’t have time to get the new RX before our flight out of town. And my next appointment with him will be a video conference because he will be out of state every 3 months. He didn’t even get a baseline heart rate or BP like my son’s pediatrician. What should I do? I really feel like finding some one else. I’m back on 100mg Sertraline. Next appt Jan 20.


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    Dont know if you are in canada or the states, but do you have a mental health clinic that provides free psych help?

    Either way, see a psychiatrist for an eval , perhaps not on your insurance, if you have public health they may help.

    Where I am, my doctor writes the perscription, and my psych decides what that perscription should be after talking to me, and

    then my doctor sees me every 2 weeks or so to see how I am regarding side effects etc . Is that happening with you also?

    Not sure if I would want a relative’s diagnosis, but that is just me.


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    Born this way
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    I’m trying to see my doctor now and I’m looking for a new Psych.

    My sister-in-law did not diagnose me. She asked what the doctor prescribed. We may disagree on many things but I did believe her, my brother, and husband when they said my agitated mood was not my normal state of mind.

    Has anyone else started ADHD meds with 1 pill one week, 2 the next, 3etc.. for 4-4 weeks? Is this initial building-up dosing typical? I feel like they should want to see me after 2 weeks. Hope I didn’t miss something…

    My son only takes 1 a day for a month then they want to see him.

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