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Worse symptoms after brain surgery? Would medication help?

Worse symptoms after brain surgery? Would medication help?2010-11-04T00:03:44+00:00

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    Hi I’m new here and this site is amazing!

    Two years ago, I had brain surgery to correct an anuerism which was in the communicating artery (I think it’s an artery that is in the middle of the brain and goes to both hemispheres). I am so lucky it was found during an MRI done to figure out whether I had MS. I don’t have that, but was suffering severe vertigo, later determined to be caused by an ear infection that permanently damaged my inner ear balance mechanism….. Sheesh, I digress!

    ANYWAYS….since surgery, my organizational skills have deteriorated, and my house is so disorganized now. I seemed to have had it under control (mostly) before, but NOW….I can’t seem to motivate myself to do any housework until it gets so bad that I can’t stand it…. Right now, dishes are piled in my sink, clothes all over my bedroom, stuff not in the right place, etc. I am so frustrated. Thank goodness, I seem to be better at work, mainly because I have an office…only one room, and I see people in it all day, plus appointments are scheduled for me and the structure seems to help.

    My executive functions seem to have suffered from surgery. Will this improve? I’m actually quite embarrassed by this, plus my tendency to forget appointments outside of work. More and more, I seem to rely on wine to help me sleep which is not good. God, I’m all over the place. Thanks for your patience!


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    Have you discussed your concerns with your Doctor? They’re probably the best person to tell you what sort of improvement you might expect, as they know the most about what they did to your brain.

    I’m not a Doctor, but as I understand it stimulant meds aren’t really intended for your situation. That being said, you might want to still have a look in ADHD books for strategies that might help you organize. Strategies for people with executive function issues will be similar regardless of the cause.

    Organizing Solutions for People with Attention Deficit Disorder is an excellent book to start with.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)