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    I met with the adult ADHD specialist today. It was a 1.5 hour appointment. Had to take 3 photos of my living space 😳 , my husband (to be interviewed with me, plus he had to fill out a questionnaire of about 65 questions while I was taking a computer test) and brought copies of all the report cards and work assessments I could find.

    The computer test was the hardest thing! For 15 minutes, all I had to do was press the space key every time a letter of the alphabet showed up, but NOT when one particular letter showed up. Things would come flying at me super fast, then super slow, and everything in between. Even though I wasn’t supposed to click on the forbidden letter, I could not help myself and probably clicked on it 90% of the time. Hopeless!

    I have a homework package that I have to complete and bring to the next meeting which is in about 2 weeks time – the package is 25 pages in length 😥

    The specialist says I suffer greatly from what he calls the “garlic syndrome” – you know, where you eat garlic but can’t smell it? I’m a 10 out of 10 on some symptoms – I have them, but am totally unaware of them. That’s why he has what he calls a “collateral historian” come along to confirm or refute what I say.

    For example, I didn’t think I tap my foot, but really, he should have a webcam on that testing computer aimed at the floor, as I was tapping CONSTANTLY.

    The specialist explained to us that Ritalin (which my husband was prescribed after his self-diagnosis with a different family doc) is like the Model T of drugs, and there are better versions of it with better delivery systems. Kind of like what you folks told me when I asked about Concerta vs Ritalin.

    After last week’s upsetting appointment with my family doc to look into this, I feel much, much better.


    Ah….yeah….we’ve all been there! 😳

    At least you can take comfort from the fact that we all like you. Hey, what is there NOT to like about someone just like us?? 😆


    Oh, I did mean to say as well, I’ve had experience with the Model T (ritalin) which my son used to take many eons ago, and for myself? I’ve moved up to the Cadillac called Concerta. Who’d a ‘thunk’ that little ‘ol me needed medication??? LOL

    Oddly enough, I had just gotten off the phone with my youngest who teaches out in Calgary (I’m a teacher in Toronto) and we had been discussing some of her difficult students from last year. They were really difficult as they ended up in an inpatient program at the children’s hospital out there. One of them is now on meds and she is astounded at the difference! She can’t believe it is the same child. The other student is now in a special program as his needs were much more severe (and I’m sure meds are involved in his current placement).

    Meds, for whatever reason they are prescribed can be life changing- IF the proper condition has been diagnosed and the correct match of meds to the particular patient is achieved.

    It looks like things are all going to up coming up roses (or shall I say tulips?) for you on this long weekend!

    If it makes you feel any better about repeatedly hitting that blasted letter key when you weren’t supposed to, I hit the enter key earlier before I finished writing my post!!! It’s an epidemic!!



    Well, when I first talked to the secretary when booking the appointments, I said, I really am not upset about the hyperactive aspects, tons of energy, very creative, etc. but other aspects are really starting to be troublesome for me.

    I did a trial of my husband’s Ritalin for 3 weeks (and took a dose again today after the appointment) and it really does help me. But I am starting to understand a little bit about why some of the newer forms would be better rather than the quick on, quick off effects of Ritalin. So I’m really looking forward to getting through the two months, actually it will be hard for me to wait, very impatient at times, and now that I know meds can help, it will be hard to stay off his (he has a bit of a reserve as he never really took it for very long).

    The consultant gave me a copy of a DVD he produced, and my husband and I were finger-pointing at each other at various points throughout when we watched it at home. There was an ADHD coach in the adult section of the DVD and she said meds and a multi-approach can really improve the quality of one’s life. When I am done, I am hoping my husband will book an appointment for himself and get a proper assessment with treatment recommendations. His family doc was probably too quick to prescribe without assessing.

    That’s funny about hitting the enter key. I’ve done that, and then, I’ve also hit it when I intended to, but then wanted to reach my arm into the computer and yank back the email or post that I shouldn’t have sent! 😯


    Had consultation #2 today. Sleep disorder might be thrown into the mix (had a sleep study almost 20 years ago), so it could take longer to sort things out and get a proper diagnosis. My mom was diagnosed with narcolepsy and was sure she had ADHD (although I don’t think she was formally diagnosed with it).

    My third appointment is the “feedback” appointment in mid-June. I am frustrated with waiting, but determined to see it through. I’ve stayed away from my husband’s meds although I did let the ADHD specialist know that I’d taken them and how they seemed to help, both in daytime alertness and helping me sleep through the night.

    How did you third appointment go? We are wondering!

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